Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and an East Sussex County Council Trading Standards accredited supplier.

CQC Standards

The CQC set out 28 standards of quality and safety. The CQC standards are “outcome” based which helps us to monitor our performance. The key standards cover:·


  • Treating service users with respect and ensuring they are involved in deciding how they will be helped and give consent. 

  • Providing effective, coordinated and safe care with flexibility so service users can change their care as they wish.

  • Safeguarding service users from all kinds of abuse.

  • Checking staff thoroughly before employing them, providing all necessary training and monitoring their performance.

  • Giving services users full information, including an easy way to complain, monitoring the service we provide and keeping accurate records.


We comply with the official standards but we like to talk about our work less formally. We are passionate about giving our service users what they want, reliably, safely and with a smile. And we keep our prices competitive.

Our latest CQC rating:
CarePlus24 CQC rating