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Nowadays people have more choices than ever; we can help you make sense of these choices and make the best use of the available funding. 

Other Help

Nowadays there are many different ways care can be delivered. With the increasing popularity of personal budgets, service users and their families are empowered to make their own decisions to buy the care they really need. 


But with this choice comes more responsibility and more complexity; what is the best way to spend your budget, are there any free services available, can I employ a personal assistant, how can you use your money to engage in the community? How do I get the most for my money? We offer a friendly hand to help guide you through the maze.

Personal assistants

Personal assistants are becoming increasing popular as Personal Budgets become more widespread. A personal assistant (PA) is someone you recruit yourself as a carer/helper. You employ him or her yourself. In most cases this will be more economical than using an agency to supply carers but there are some things you need to consider:


  • Unless you know someone who is willing to do the job, you will need to advertise for applicants.

  • You will need to interview applicants.

  • You will need an employment contract and you will need to comply with current employment legislation.

  • You will need to pay your personal assistant's income tax and National Insurance contributions.

  • Your PA may not be as well trained as an agency carer.

  • You may need cover when your PA is sick, on holiday or resigns.


With a bit of help this is not as daunting as it sounds so we offer various levels of support throughout the process. Our full package includes finding you a shortlist of candidates, sitting with you in interviews, ensuring the successful candidate is properly trained, employing the PA for you (thus removing all your employer responsibilities) and even providing cover during your PA's absences. You can pick and choose which elements of our package you need and we only charge you for what you use.


To find out more call us on 01323 5002 204. We're here seven days-a-week to answer your questions. You will find us friendly, honest and open.